Support for 5120X1440 32:9 is broken

TLDR: Have been playing on my AW3418DW 3440x1440 just fine for a long time, recently upgraded to the fantastic Samsung CRG9 5120x1440 and now fullscreen simply doesn't work.

If I select "5120x1440" and "Fullscreen" the game reloads in 3480x1080, NOT the selected resolution. However if I put it into "Borderless Windowed" I get the correct resolution, but all the performance and Gsync issues ๐Ÿ˜ž


alt text

is this already fixed? any feedback?

I have more than 450h on this game, itยดs the game that i play 99% of the time.
Willing to buy a new monitor 120/144hz and ready to go 32:9, this would be adeal breaker to me.

Is there a workarround? even if i need to put some time to fix it?

Not fixed.

I believe it is up to the devs to 'whitelist' 5120x1440. The engine supports it but it has to be enabled.

EDIT: This is coming from 5760x1080 which worked just fine except for the HUD being on the outside edges.

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I told the support about this problem and showed them this thread aswell so they can see there more people with this issue. And let me tell you this... They dont give a shit.

Just read what they told me: "I just reread through our conversation and you mentioned that the resolution works if you're using borderless windowed so this leads me to believe that it is a setup issue because the resolution does work. If you have a second monitor, I'd suggest unplugging it while you troubleshoot the issue. I'd start by updating your drivers as this can be caused by Windows loading simplified drivers. I'd also verify that your PC is utilizing the correct GPU and not onboard graphics."

yeah... ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a nice week.

Back when i was in NWI we have identified an issue with some setups that used for example native 720p TV but accepted 1080p signals.
Players then tried to play 1080p fullscreen, in UE4 this resulted in such mismatch in fullscreen but correct resolution/AR in borderless.

This might be the same issue but might be caused by different thing (such as faulty cable, unsupported refreshrate by that resolution in fullscreen, etc.).

You sure your setup is OK ?
Keep in mind that the isusue i explained above is a quirk of UE4 but it stems from mismatched user config.

Maybe it is not a whitelist issue like I have seen on some UE forums and I had mentioned before.
If you set Full Screen, and then open up the console and enter 'r.setres 5120x1440' it seems to work.

When I do this, the screen 'flickers' when alt-tabbing and there is a brief pause before any window or taskbar pops up where Borderless does not flicker and the taskbar or other window instantly appear. Any resolution the game seems to run in the background when alt-tabbing from fullscreen but you always see the screen flicker when it changes from fullscreen to desktop.

Brainstorming this issue I'm curious if it has to do with the menu option selecting the highest refresh rate that the game sees which may be different than what is configured on the desktop; 5120x1440 @100 hz10 bit vs the highest which is @120hz 8 bit. 3840x1080 works because it is a completely different display mode and this setup happens to work 3840x1080 @120 10 bit. So when 5120x1440 is set it tries to display 120hz but the desktop was at 100hz, so it defaults back to 3840x1080 if that makes sense. I have had this exact behavior on previous monitor setups in certain games, only an INI setting for refresh rate fixes it, or removing/adding resolution/refresh rates using a tool like CRU.

Another possibility is there could also be a rendering optimization issue with 5120x1440 the game does not like when trying to select in full screen, like the game not being optimized for 32:9, even though 48:9, 5760x1080 works and seemed to work fine. At 5120x1440 GPU utilization is pegged at 100% where 5760x1080 was well under 100%. There is that "Warning" about resolutions above 1080. 5120x1440 is only about a 16% increase in pixels over 5760x0180 so I was expecting similar performance to 5760x1080, but 5760x1080 really hammers the GPU. After multimonitor gaming since around 2003, just kind of learn to live with crap like this with the resolution not working without some INI or console command.

Lastly, while most EU4 games work fine, some do have issues with certain resolutions, some work while others don't, some only work in certain display modes. Fortnite had, or still has issues with 5120x1440 IIRC. I know Doom 2016 works fine (just tried it), and I believe Borderlands 3, ARK, Obduction, Unreal Tournament also work fullscreen 5120x1440 when I had played them previously. Only INS seems to revert to 3840x1080 when selecting 5120x in the menu.