worst general issues

dunno what you guys think, but this is what pisses me off every single day:

  • not being able to choose the faction (security or insurgents)
  • not being able to choose the map
  • not being able to wait for a new round to start but having to join an ongoing round
  • not being able to not join a certain round (today, you exit out of a round 10 times and the automatism throws you right back in to the same game time and again)
  • not being able to cancel out of anything while the program loads, e.g. if you have clicked the wrong item

As long as we're listing things that piss us off every single day...

  • politicians
  • soggy pizza
  • left lane slow-cruisers
  • most people in their 20's
  • cheap Scotch

@LawDog spot on, dude! but I was referring to the game only ... 😂

That second to last thing is not a bad thing in my opinion. People always leave when they think the match is over but before it actually is. Especially attackers of the last wave when they are dead. They just assume they lost so they don't stick around for 30 more seconds for the match to properly end, until suddenly the point does get captured and everybody respawns, except by this point, half the people have already left the match and requeued. This is why I think they should make this thing that you complained about a feature. Leaving and requeuing ruins more matches than anything else in this game, if you ask me.