Balancing in the game.

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Hello again! I come here to make a suggestion.

I don't know if you are already implementing a balance system in the game, but that has to be implemented. I played a game today where on my team there was no person over level 70, and on the enemy team there were only high level players, 200+, 500+, 1052 ... The system cannot be bad as in Battlefield 4. For example, in Battlefield 4 when I was playing in a group with one or more friends, the system would switch teams, making us enemies.

I'm loving the game, just addictive and fun. Thanks!

I can't speak to the balancing, though I know they've been working on it and it seems to have gotten a little better in regards to the number of players on each team. Remember, though, that the player level is simply indicative of playtime, and is not necessarily related to skill. I've played with players in the high hundreds who were no more skilled than the lower level ones.

They should at least LET YOU SWITCH TEAMS

Another way of fixing this issue with a VERY EASY FIX , would be to simply Shuffle the teams every map. that way its always about even, rather then having one team consistently wipe the other team over and over. These are issues that should have been implemented before the game was released.

@Atalanta Then everyone would attempt to switch to the "good" team and the issue is still ongoing