Where to start? I'm having a lot of troubles with Mudrunner.

  1. I have a lot of questions about map making that aren't answered in any of the documentation, tutorials, or info I've found including links shared here on this site.
  • My map, although I rebuild terrain and save, isn't showing up in Proving Grounds. I've been having to copy the .dds and .stg to my levels folder and using SpintiresMod+ to test it. Otherwise, even though I've published it to try that and I am subscribed to it in the workshop, it won't show up any where in the game unless I copy the files to levels and use the mod installer to launch and disable the checks - why do I have to cheat to get things to work?
  • Why is the map name some crazy, random, set of letters and numbers? Is there a way to rename it so it has a legible name both in the game and for the files?
  1. I've attempted opting in to the beta versions and that caused the loss of ALL my progress in the game. Several years of playing down the toilet. Is there a way to get my progress back? It's both frustrating and ridiculous that my Steam Profile says I have almost all the achievements and have 900+ hours played but everything is locked. I have to re-play the entire game all over again to play other maps.

  2. It seems like every time I launch the map editor it publishes a new workshop, blank (nothing), to the workshop that's locked out (private). My profile says I have 82 workshop items. I only have 7. 75 of them are blanks, nothing, that I didn't upload that I keep having to go in and delete one by one to get rid of them. Why is this happening?

  3. What is the Wireframe view for in the editor? I'm familiar with making maps and in every other editor I've ever used that mode allows you to grab a point where the wires meet and manipulate the height. Does this editors wireframe not do that?

  • Are there hotkeys to the editor? If there are hotkeys and special controls not a single one of the documentations, tutorials, or anything share what they are.
  1. How do I make a map I've created in the editor multiplayer? I've tried everything I've found online to play the map I've spent hours (mostly figuring ways around the bugs and errors in the editor and in the game I'm experiencing) and the only thing I found that allows me to make a multiplayer game of maps I make is, again, cheating; using the mod installer.

The list goes on. All of it is extremely frustrating.