Missing Bison suspension found!

As many of us may know, the Bison has been missing its front suspension since it came out, and it's never been fixed even though several of us pointed it out long ago. Today I accidentally flipped my Bison on its side and so I decided to have a closer look. The missing leaf springs are actually there, just in the wrong place! Maybe that's why Focus has been refusing to fix the "missing" suspension. The springs are resting on what appears to be the anti-roll bar, rather than the thick bar below that's supposed to carry the weight of the truck. That thin anti-roll bar would snap instantly in real life. 😮


@Unster I'm pretty sure that's a drag link for the steering it's like a long ass tie rod lol why would they put the leaf springs there😂😂🤦🏻♂

@Unster look at those slicks in the front tho them are great for traction in the mud😂

@Jayson No, the steering link is lower, right behind the weight-bearing bar. It's not visible in this screenshot, you'd have to look at it from the other direction. But yeah, clearly the artist who modelled this truck didn't know what he/she was doing, especially since the other trucks don't have the same error. And it's worse that Saber/Focus allowed this to slip through and continue to refuse to fix it even though we've complained about it since long ago.

About traction, yeah this truck sucks in the mud, but that's why I love it. 😄 I like the challenge.

@Unster Interesting...
I'm unsure if they actually looked at the skinny track bar, and the massive dead beam axle and decided it would make sense to suspend the rig on the skinny bar tho 😁

I'd say they just fitted a prop of a leaf spring either side and were unable to code it to move or flex in time for release. Having the weight off the axle then simply moves it, and the track bar, out to it's current, curious attachment 😅

@Crumpy I don't know. I'm still leaning toward it being a case of ignorance. The GMC truck is basically a clone of the Bison and the suspension on it is correct, as it is on the other trucks too, though the Western Star is missing a front differential (it's an AWD). I think it was a mistake and it's one they don't want to acknowledge or spend time fixing, sadly.

If this will be the devs' attitude for SR too, then that doesn't bode well for the game.

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@kilein Huh? 🤔 You sure you are replying in the right thread?