Found Discrepancies of Guns

Dear devs, I found few more discrepancies about guns like incorrect gun models, technical specs, depictions, etc, complete with Imgur album link & sources as evidences.

Also if you find some discrepancy which isn't listed yet, then don't be hesitate to discuss it on here in order for devs to quickly address the found issues.

Re-direct link to Steam discussion page.

List of found discrepancies:

  • Both VHS-2 & its UBGL called VHS-BG has some discrepancies, such as the muzzle velocity is incorrectly stated to be in 850 m/s while its real life muzzle velocity in 910±30 m/s (The in-game VHS-2 is modeled on D2 variant which has full-length barrel), plus the ambidextrous safety on VHS-2 is lacking proper markings like Navy Trigger Group from HK to indicate which fire mode is selected (The screenshot has the rifle set in full-auto) & rear sight of VHS-BG doesn't have any range finder marking similar to HK AG36 UBGL for G36K.
  • The in-game QBZ-03 which is based on the export version called T03 chambered in 5.56x45mm has incorrect muzzle velocity for a full-sized assault rifle in 850 m/s, while its real muzzle velocity is in 920 m/s. Also, it incorrectly has (S)afe-(F)ire-(B)urst fire selector by having full-auto is incorrectly set to (F)ire for semi-auto while the semi-auto is incorrectly set to (B)urst, despite the said gun only has full-auto capability.
  • G36K is incorrectly stated to have 3-round burst on the loadout menu, despite it only has 2-round burst.
  • The roll mark on L85A2 lower receiver states that it’s L85A1, despite it has external changes like metal comma-shaped cocking handle / case deflector with appropriate roll marks to indicate A2 version.[1]
  • MrBrightside told that the in-game Alpha AK (Umbrella term of modified AK used by Russian Alpha Group) is based on AK-104 carbine chambered in 7.62x39mm with aftermarket parts that have little to no information.[2] However, when being inspected closely its magazine is incorrectly modeled in 5.45x39mm with American-made aftermarket railed dust cover, with roll mark on the receiver that states it’s AK-104 & also with proper technical specifications found on the loadout menu.[3] In real life, some Alpha Group operators have their Alpha AK chambered in 7.62x39mm with aftermarket parts from Tromix, TAPCO, etc based on their preference.[4]
  • AKM buttstock incorrectly has lightening cuts akin to AK-74, despite lightening cuts were first implemented on AK-74 to reduce weight & it was adopted in 1974 as Soviet standard-issue infantry rifle to replace AKM.[5][6][7]
  • The right side of the receiver of G3A3 has its fire selector markings flipped & also lacks safety to indicate selected fire mode (Not necessarily fire selector switch).
  • The SKS which is based on SKS-D (D stands for “Detachable”) has the bolt incorrectly locked open at the last round fired. In real life the bolt won’t lock open which means that it can only be loaded with AK magazines at the cost of inability to be loaded with stripper clips like original SKS.[8]
  • Mikee stated that tracer colors are consistent with their calibers.[9] However, MG3 chambered in 7.62x51mm fires green tracer which is typically associated with green tip ammo for tracer on Warsaw Pact calibers. NATO calibers have both red & orange tip ammo respectively for tracer while green tip indicates ball ammo instead.[10]
  • PKM is incorrectly portrayed 7.62x54mm R belt as disintegrating with visibly ejected loose links, but does show them ejecting from their appropriate port.[11] In real life PKM is fed with non-disintegrated belt which ejects from the appropriate port for belt on the left side.[12]
  • Both L106A1 (British Army designation of P226R) & PF940 (Glock 17 built from the said frame by Polymer80) have absurdly high muzzle velocity in 450 m/s, which outclass Insurgents’ M9 which has muzzle velocity in mere 381 m/s.[13] In real life, both of those 9mm handguns have muzzle velocity in 351 & 375 m/s respectively.[14][15][16][17]
  • The M1911 which is based on M1911A1 has rather long trigger akin to original M1911, despite the in-game M1911 has features found on M1911A1 like relief cut on the frame, curved mainspring housing & long grip safety spur.[18]
  • Despite handguns have no more round at the top of the magazine after firing all of the rounds after a patch on December 2019, a couple of handguns like PF940 & Tariq are still having some issues. The former has the magazine lacking the follower which causes the ammo to be visible inside while the latter in particular has the character discarding loaded magazine on the first-person empty speed reload animation.
  • Most if not all of the extended & drum magazines have some kind of discrepancy regarding their depictions, capacity, etc.
    a. STANAG-fed guns (M16s, L85A2, etc) have the extended magazine modeled on 40-round steel STANAG underloaded in mere 35 rounds[19]. However, the drum magazine modeled on X-15 is correctly depicted with 50 rounds in total[20] yet Mk. 18 Mod 1 doesn’t have an option for it.
    b. The extended magazine for AKM which is modeled on RPK 40-round box magazine is underloaded in 35 rounds[21] while the drum magazine which is modeled on Russian-made RPK 75-round drum magazine is also underloaded in mere 50 rounds as well.[22]
    c. AK-74 & AKS-74U are incorrectly portrayed on having option for drum magazine which is modeled on Romanian-made RPK 75-round drum magazine.[23] The Soviet ever experimentally tried a drum magazine for RPK-74, but ditched it & went into 45-round box magazine which went into standard-issue for the Soviet Army.[24][25] The extended magazine which is modeled on the aforementioned box magazine is underloaded in 35 rounds.
    d. Contrary to the popular belief, it’s actually possible to feed Galils with RPK-style drum magazine in 5.56x45mm for AR with appropriate magazine adapter for reliable feeding.[26] The drum magazine is modeled on MDG3 made by Norinco chambered in 5.56x45mm with the capacity of 120 rounds which is underloaded in a mere 50 rounds.[27]
    e. The in-game default Uzi magazine is modeled on 32-round magazine & underloaded in 25 rounds, while the 32-round extended magazine will turn it into 40-round magazine (Note the distance between magazine catch stops & magazine base) & the drum magazine which is closely based on C&S Metall-Werkes Mk 2 Drum Magazine for Uzi in 72 rounds capacity is also underloaded in 50 rounds.
  • The M83 grenade is incorrectly labeled as M18 smoke grenade, despite M18 itself only has colored smoke in red, yellow, green & violet while the M83 does have white smoke.[28]
  • The Assassin (AH-64 Apache) has oddly mounted DShK with other attributes like Anti Air sight & box magazine instead of proper M230 Chain Gun.


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Remember this is a Game and they are not %100 sticking to RL spec's for there own reasons no GAME ever does.

Regardless of whether or not Insurgency devs (or any game devs, for that matter) will be this accurate with weapons models, this post deserves some serious kudos. Well done, mate.

@NJTanker things like G36K incorrectly stated to have 3-round burst in the loadout menu & incorrect tracer color of MG3 are better being patched ASAP for overall consistency, especially the latter with the quote from Mikee about it.

@LawDog ah, thanks. I appreciate that. Still, I found gun models in Sandstorm to be excellent with minor discrepancies compare to CoD / such.