@NWI: Please Include Support for Total Conversion Modding in Tools/Editor

Hi, i'm a long time INS player and also modified Unreal Tournament 2k3 and 2k4 into a Total Conversion.

While at first, "Why?" might be thought of. Well, a Special Forces Mod built by the Community of International modders, ppl who have skinned, and modelled, level designed (i am a very good level designer in unreal engine, i will probably spearhead my own Modification Group.)

Since an unreal editor includes Material Editor, Particle FX, and Matinee, i hope creating new BluePrints (BPs) is possible. [@NWI you will want to encrypt at least some of your BPs and/ or Programming]

i have been working with unreal engine 4 since the time UT4 came out, using the vanilla UE4 and i read that the real-world scale is being used, so i am pretty geared up to make some mods or just levels for INS.

However, Larger modifications like those that include Blueprints for new animation Input nodes and Anim BPs would be excellent.

If limiting useage of the editor, i could see a login and always online as an option for security.

I have plans for a really interesting Concept, however i would like to hear NWI's thoughts on how much will be supported. If only weapon/character models and skins, and maps (levels) are supported, i will think of mapping in INS SS for the moment, as a second chance to build the portfolio i lost in the mid 2010's.

Thanks for reading NWI, Total Conversions are really cool, and asking about Custom BPs is just trying to get an idea of how much will be possible with your editor, i read that it is in testing now. Thank you!

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I totally support your proposal 100% !
Time for talented people like you to bring out new stuff for this game !
This game really needs new maps, skinns, sounds, may be a new class with a defibrilator to be able to reanimate guys who didn´t have been shot in the head ( like in Insurgency 2014 ), some new coop-gamemodes and maybe even new animations ( slower moving guys ( handicapped after reanimation ). That would be awsome !
What do you guys think ? Time for total conversion !?

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Also, NWI, do air support projectiles do damage to level geometry? Valid question since players and vehicles may be the only actors affected.

If Fracture Meshes are used for rooftops and the floors under the rooftops, then rocket strikes for eg. would inflict damage to the roof, breaking away chunks, and then if a really good strike is called spot-on to a roof, the rockets would break away the roof and collapse the floor underneath, since the roof would be broken away, and would damage the floor.

Under the Destructible Settings, Damage Threshold and Spread, along with Enabling Impact Damage are needed, and especially under Flags, Accumulate Damage would be needed for realistic Apex Destruction, where each projectile (whether implied or physically expressed by a rocket, mortar mesh, etc) would do an amount of damage, even if direct hit is 100, etc.

World Support uses any coincidence of an edge's coordinates of a mesh, along with the edge of a wall, for example, so that the wall will be used to support the fracture mesh's bounds, and hold those chunks up.

I'm not sure if UE4 still supports Core Meshes so that an imported mesh can serve as an unbreakable section of the Fracture Mesh, and the rest of the mesh will be fractured, and if not designated a support chunk, and also if "Use World Support" is unticked, then the core would never be affected by damage, and the fracture mesh would strip away based on amount of damage it accumulates.

@GSG_9_LIGHTNING:: Great Ideas, however, those are Community Fixes, not a Total Conversion Modification.

Total Conversion Modifications are stripping all (or nearly all) of the content, except for basic code and anything that is relevant to a new version of the game altogether, much like a new genre on the existing game's infrastructure. Total Conversion Mods are healthy for a game 1: because they help breathe new and different life into a game, so a Special Forces TC Mod where much of the game's levels are stripped and a re-release of the game is published where, for example, the geographical theme of the game is changed, maybe to global operations, instead of a distinctly Middle-Eastern theme.

I am still working on what type of conversion would be plausible, if any. I definitely plan on doing some level design for INS SS, as-is. Simply making maps for the existing game first, and testing before releasing.

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