I'm loving the early game meta of Big Money. Scavenging and being forced to play with whatever you pickup in those early objectives adds a layer of fun that I did not know I was looking for and is forcing me to play with guns/configurations I normally wouldn't.

Here's a thought I had the other night while playing some Big Money COOP.....Community/Devs, what are your thoughts on adding a "Random" button(similar to the customization screen) that will create you a random load-out within a specific class? Considering all of the guns within a class, attachment options, lethal and non-lethal equipment, pistols, armor , vest, etc....the combinations are endless.

I know I know, I could just simply use a gun and optic option I normally wouldn't use, but I feel like many of us are creatures of comfort and tend to gravitate to similar load outs across different classes. A "Random" button would do just that, create a random class each time it's pressed.

Not sure how practical this would be from a development/implementation stand point, but I think this could add a new layer of not only fun, but also a challenge, as it could force you out of you comfort zone and make you adjust your play-style depending on load out.

This suggestion is strictly for fun as I know this may take away from the "tactical" feeling of the game and potentially put you a great disadvantage against the enemy. So if a player wants to roll the dice and load out with what ever they want, they can, or obviously they can load out with there "go-to" classes.

Again, just a random thought I had. Hope to get some feedback from you guys to discuss pros/cons of this.