Its been awhile since this game was launched but it still have some microstutter, more on the beginning of the match.

I change the streaming pool here from High to OFF. That change made things much better but didn't solved the microstuttering completely.

I also find that AMD chill was not unlocking the fps correctly on mouse movement but after I disable and re-enable it, it returned working properly.

I think the resource management in this game can still be better, to put the needed resources ready in memory more efficiently.

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I moved the game from HDD to my SDD and that made things better but it didn't solve the issues completely!

For example, when we shot down the helicopter and it falls, it happens a microfreeze of about 100ms or more. That's very usual.

Devs, this game has been launched long time ago. This problems should already have been solved!

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This problem will never be solved. They have been given a plethora of information by myself and others regarding the main culprits of the stutter but 90% of this information is ignored. They have tried to fix one cause of the stutter - in coop when the bots spawn en-mass typically after a point is destroyed or after a counterattack, something they had no clue about until I pointed it out months ago - but they failed rather badly.

Considering the fact that they haven't lost any devs to the console port - this task has been given to a third party - they really have no excuses; only reasons, the main one being 'we don't know how to optimise the UE4 engine'.

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