PS4 Bug Report

I want to report a really bad bug.
I play on the PS4, in the beginning it goes quite well.
But I can not continue to play the game.
Because whenever I try to leave the starting area with the ship in the direction of the island, the game crashes!
Really always.
It's a shame, I was really looking forward to the game and now I can't play it!

Hello @ABI13
Have you ever been in New Serene before ?
What's your type of PS4 ?
Did you try to reinstall the game ?

Hi, no I haven't been to New Serene yet.
I can't go there, it always crashes beforehand.
In the meantime it crashes so often, or doesn't even load the saved data.
I have one of the first PS4 (an old one). But with a 2 TB hard drive. And I currently only occupied 700GB.
I haven't reinstalled the game yet, I've only had the game for 2 days.
So the big disappointment that it doesn't work.

Ok try to reinstall the game and keep me in touch of the evolution of the situation.
I transmitted your report.

Hi, I reinstalled the game.
At the beginning, it didn't want to load my save file and crashed twice.
But this time the crossing to New Serene worked.
However, I often have graphic errors. many colorful confetti pixels ^^ '

Unfortunately, none of this worked, the game keeps crashing.