Please let us use the "Gutter Sights."

First off I love this game. But why the hell haven't you implemented the feature to look down the "gutter" sights of the 4x scopes? ALL OF THEM HAVE GUTTER SIGHTS! Even the one specific to the L85 has a Gutter Sight. (For those who don't know, the "Gutter Sight" is a secondary iron sight that are put on top of Scopes usually 4x and above) You know how frustrating it is to do combat at close range when you have a 4x on? That's why all of those scopes feature Gutter Sights on top. And it wouldn't nearly be OP because those Gutter sights SUCK compared to regular iron sights, they are not meant for primary use, that's why they are called "Gutter Sights" but they would be VERY useful in room-to-room combat. PLEASE LET US USE THESE! It would just add to the list of awesome features that this Shooter has over every other shooter. PLEASE, DEVS! And BTW this is VERY different than variable zoom scopes/moving the 2x zoom scope on a Red Dot to the side so that it becomes 1x. We DO NOT want that. That is WAY too OP and destroys any strategy whatsoever. What we want is to be able to use the features of the items that YOU put in YOUR game, like the Gutter Sights, and using the Gutter Sights does NOT defeat strategy like variable zoom sights do. And it could be done simply by pressing/holding a button like "1" or "H" or even "Mouse wheel up" while looking down the main scope to then look down the gutter sights. This game is so awesome because it has the attention to detail and cool little quirks that gunplay actually has. So why not add to the list of features that make this game awesome?

They already said they would let us use them. It's only a matter of time, I guess.
Content updates are scarce with this game, so, you'll have to be patient...

I've never heard the term "gutter sight" used to reference built-in backup sights on scopes before. A gutter sight is a specific type of iron sight where a long notch (or "gutter") is used as the aiming device. They're most common on pistols and shotguns, but some magnifying optics have gutter style irons as backup sights as well, though I don't think any of the optics we have in Sandstorm use a gutter style sight.

The purpose of a top-mounted backup sight isn't really for close quarters shooting. As the name implies, they're more intended for use should the optic itself fail. They are sometimes used for medium-range engagement, and I occasionally see Trijicon ACOG and Elcan Specter sights that have their backup sights replaced with a red-dot, usually an RMR, that makes them more useful. Still, their usefulness in very close quarters is limited by the height they are mounted over the barrel. Expect point of impact to be as much as 5" below point of aim at close range for a sight like this. At that point, instinct shooting is better. This is why competition shooters frequently mount backup sights canted off the to the side of the rifle, so the height over bore is closer to what you would expect for a top rail mounted sight.

And BTW this is VERY different than variable zoom scopes/moving the 2x zoom scope on a Red Dot to the side so that it becomes 1x. We DO NOT want that.

Speak for yourself, but I do want that. You talk about not being able to use devices that are already modeled into the game - all the red-dot magnifiers are modeled on flip-to-side mounts and the Specter has a 1X - 4X switch on the side you can easily see. I'd much rather be able to use those common features than be able to look down the backup sights for an optic that will never fail.