Big Money TDM - Suggestions

Hey NWI,

The new Big Money TDM mode is a lot of fun in concept, and could use a few tweaks. Some suggestions:

  • Make the round longer - add 2-3 minutes to the round timer, and increase the winning ticket count to 200. 150 tickets goes by too quickly and rewards those few who get smgs and rifles.

  • Start with 1 pt - Do you choose a browning? a makarov + clip? light body armor? That one point offers a few options of how to start, as well as eases the road to rifles.

  • Limit the map space - Some maps like refinery are too large and a lot of time is spent running around looking for enemies. Maybe size the maps down by a slight degree?

  • Add Ministry - Why not? could be a fun twist.

Great! I see the ticket count went up from 150 to 250. I'd love to play Big Money TDM with a ticket count of 500. Is it possible to make this voteable?