Patch 5 - 13/01/2020

Hello everyone,

The Kraken expansion arrives tomorrow! Before landing onto the desolate military vessel, we released a patch addressing some recurring issues, including stability improvements and bug fixes. You can find the patch notes below.

Patch notes

All platforms

  • Stability improvements
  • Various bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue with “The Witness” mission where the Stranger wasn’t in the subway station after you finished his requests.
  • Various improvements


  • Fixed several FLR crashes. If you still experience this issue, please send an email to with your log files and DxDiag.

Xbox One

  • Fixed an issue where audiologs would not play out fully.

Thank you for your continuous feedback. We can’t wait to see you explore The Kraken!

Since patch 1.09 the game play has been worse on ps4. Implants and gear no longer function correctly . Medi boleck health implant which starts out as mk giving 80 points health when up graded to mk3 gave back in September 248 health now fucks you by only giving 80 points of health even though its the same level, this is an outrageous bullshit change . In the surge your armor and weapons and implants worked. Armor like liquidator actually pertected you from some environmental hazards, the surge 2 no such pertection. Implants were a balance of injectables and automatic in the surge , the surge 2 no such balance so your forced to fumble around in fights with a clumsy wheel system that does not working in normal fights let alone boss fights were you already have major disadvantages due to number of attacks and speed of bosses that also get instant recivery from attacks that stun and stagger ,then you have this bullshit implant of derectional block that does not work instead of the original timed blocking of the first surge that worked great. Armor stats that say the armor is good against electric or what not don't work you might as well be naked for it doesn't work. Blocking while wearing high armor with high electrical defence is like being naked since you Can't block it and you take the same damage . Weapons don't matter either since weapons that should be veryfast act the exact same as heavy weapons and weapons that should have heavy impact don't . In the original surge i used a variety of favourite weapons and armor all which noticeable improved with an excellent combat system were my character improved in his professency . The surge 2 this isnt the case it seems ones choices are made purely by looks not by stats . In the first game i didn't use hammers much i perfered spears, staffs and swords with an occasional twin rig; but the professency skill and trophy got me to use all. In the surge 2 for the first several months i liked using the hammers , spears and staffs . Now since the update patch 1.09 i hate the hammers and lost alot of love and enjoyment i once had for the game do to being fucked over by the changes to the game . Instead of improvements everything got worse . I perfer the original surge over the sequel . So far i wont be preordering the surge 3 if ever one is made.