When are we getting night mode??

Any aprox. Date on when we can expect night maps to come out?
Since the roadmaps are not actual anymore.. maybe an approximate time when to expect it would be nice?

The only time we got to play night in sandstorm was on Halloween, can't we at least get 1 or 2 night maps?

no new content for a long time now

insurgency has way more content

night maps are my favourite from Ins2014. the lighting issues with flashlight could be easily fixed with Unreal Engine 4.

i want night maps soooo fucking bad..

Yup... With night vision too.

Halloween night was underwhelming, for me... It was very basic, graphically speaking. A bit as if the sun was simply removed... Lighting should get more love than that.

Totally agree with you buddies!

@Grumf, you're right bro, they gave us just a small taste of night mode 3 months ago.. Was hoping they would have given night to us by now since it was in the 2019 roadmap..
My point was more, if you can't give us night, at least give us what you gave us during halloween! Still better than nothing!

I did like the preview that the halloween special gave, though it wasn't as much fun since it was still fighting waves of magical fire, teleporting insurgents. And the ones with the metal helmets and ballistic vests are sometimes a bit too hard to kill. Putting a couple 5.56/7.62 through the legs should surely bring them to the ground.. when people wear that type of armor on their torso and head you simply go to pelvic shots... the body just doesn't hold up after those.

But the night move in general concept was a nice change. Just sucks it was only really showing off the flashlights. Which makes me wonder how fights would go between insurgents and security since on the farm map it was so dark in most places and the flashlight only helped so much. A security team with NVG's would have a definite advantage.

Hopefully Modding allow support for Custom BluePrints...

BluePrints could drive NBG, and given it's a simple adjustment and probably the addition of the geometry to the character models, and a bone for animating (if posible/available) night vision should be coming soon either way.

I have a Mod Group Starting, if it's only level design, i have been designing levels in Unreal Engine since 2002, so i will be active here with YouTube links and videos for less reachable topics (possibly photoshop tutorials as well.)

I use 3ds max and am a near expert level hard-surface modeller with deep background in weapons, characters, and Map (level) props, i don't like modelling vehicles, so would want someone with exprience to do that (should be driveable.)