We need content.

I know you guys are working hard on the console release, but this community that you gathered from the free week will go away if there won't be new content to play, just add a new weapon, a smaller scale map, flshlights for all guns, or well, new arcade gamemodes.

ontop of no content they removed security- precinct map for coop, really annoying

Arcade game modes are boring...
The game needs new maps and Insurgency 2's game modes, both in coop and pvp. That would be the very least required.

Even veterans of the franchise leave Sandstorm behind. Not enough content, and the feeling that the game doesn't know what it wants to be. The successor of Insurgency 2 ? A seasons-based bullcrap game like Fortnite/Destiny 2 ? After all, even CSGO does it nowadays... A realistic shooter like Escape From Tarkov ?

Sandstorm has an identity crisis, and the devs seem to push the "community" aspect way too much, judging by what happens on their Discord server. It doesn't work, and it won't work... I feel like they quit trying to make a good game, and are just trying to create hype around the game.

I personally don't play the game anymore, as it has become quite boring, especially in coop.

You make some good point @Grumf. I personally find the arcade modes kind of fun, and a nice change of pace from the slower modes. I also think the arcade modes really help sharpen certain skills that come in handy in more tactical play.

That said, we definitely need some new maps. I've been asking repeatedly for at least a recreation of most maps from Ins2. If we had Tell, District, Revolt, Market, Buhriz, Contact/Siege, and heck even a better version of Peak - imagine how much fun we would have! They don't even need new maps, just the old ones ported in.

Although NWI won't do this, I also think the Day of Infamy maps would be great ported in, as those are some of the best maps in any FPS. Could be a community MOD project.

Last thing - I would like to see more community servers playing Mutated rules. I really like the "Big Money TDM" game, but I'd like to see it played with a 400 ticket count, for example.