“bleeding” to ''Insurgency''

I wish they added “bleeding” to ''Insurgency'' with the effect of gradual darkening in the eyes, appropriate soundtrack, animations of bandaging, and a trace of drops of blood, all this can be done dynamically naturally + you can add a medic, which will be a walking storage for bandages.

Unfortunately that will change the meta of the game. Maybe down the line with mod overhauls but not in the base game. Although I do like the dropping of blood however. I can see that potentially making its way into the game

A while ago I proposed an idea of completely eliminating hit points from the game and replacing it with a wounding mechanic where any hit to the body other than a CNS hit would start a countdown timer of between 5 seconds and 2 minutes until you died, depending on the hit location. The timer could be stopped by performing a medic action on yourself or another player could do it for you.

I like the way MAA_Bunny is looking at it. Perhaps the more realistic way (alternative to timer) is that your movement progressively slows and vision starts to blur (both at a rate dependent on your injury type and location). And someone tossing on a tourniquet or pressure bandage resolves that but perhaps you still lose full function since a tourniquet on you is going to cause its own issues with limb function.

I did wonder about the lack of a medic type class, or some sort of IFAK kit. But then as far as IFAK goes, it'd probably be one more thing to take away points from other stuff you might want to carry.

What would be the point of this? To slow gameplay down even further?

@Ramble6 said in “bleeding” to ''Insurgency'':

Perhaps the more realistic way (alternative to timer) is that your movement progressively slows and vision starts to blur

In my view, the timer is not visible to the player but various on-screen effects increase in severity as the timer nears zero. I don't think movement speed should be effected unless the player has been hit in a leg.

@cyoce said in “bleeding” to ''Insurgency'':

What would be the point of this? To slow gameplay down even further?

I'd initially proposed it as part of the on-going TTK saga as an alternative which increases realism and eliminates the need for HP altogether. The goal basically is to break the game out of the meta of how many shots it takes to kill someone with a given gun and armor to a certain body part. The idea is to increase the variation in armor protection available to make no, light, and heavy armor clearly different from one another, while increasing the lethality and perceived threat of injuries to non-armored body parts to compensate. A shot to an arm or leg will kill a player, eventually, unless treated. This leads to what I think would be a really interesting gameplay where players who are shot pull back from contact to stop bleeding rather than fighting unimpeded until they are killed.

I'm thinking something like this:
Head, neck, and spine - instant death
Chest - 0:30 timer
Gut - 0:50 timer
Pelvis - 1:20 timer, significant movement penalty
Legs - 2:00 timer, movement penalty
Arms - 3:00 timer, aim sway penalty

Every player would (could?) carry a single first aid kit, which would stop the timer. A subsequent hit to the same body part would start the timer again from where it stopped. A new medic class would be able to stop a running timer, and body parts treated by a medic have their timers fully or partially reset.

Light armor would cover only the chest, heavy armor the chest and gut. Each would have a percent chance of stopping a bullet, which would be modified by an armor penetration value on the weapon, and decrease by a fixed amount with every bullet stopped.

I'm not a game designer, this could all just be fucked for balance and gameplay. It's just an idea I think would be interesting.

a game with semi-realistic limping and aim-deterioration was released before Year2000, so i don't see how adding a "Realism PVP" Mode would be a bad thing... possibly splitting the herd, but if we get plenty of options in the mod tools, the split would then be justified in "Vanilla or Modified."

Inreased weapon sway and limping for arms, and legs, respectively, and a mix of both for gut shots, would be a great mode o play, i personlly liked it in PVP mode in a tacticl Shooter, and blood drops should be added along-with, because that feeling when you know you're wounded, and scrambling for cover while dripping some blood, it makes the realism feel very tense, especially if Medic Class was introduced.

I still prefer the MedKit idea better than a Medic Class, but i haven't seen a new Medic Class in-game, obviously.

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