Communications problem still not solved

Re: Communication bug


I'm still encountering this problem frequently. Discord runs like a charm but I like to play on servers that require team communication. With random players discord is no solution.

When I push the Voice Chat button, which is set for team com, I will see the radio sign saying "team & proximity", but noone can hear me. This is really annoying. Since I play with a lot of strangers I cannot always ask each one of them to change their master volume settings. Pls fix this! It' crucial for tactical gaming!

Another issue is that the switch between primary and secondary button lost it's functionality. This is REALLY annoying since it's often needed. Looking forward to some fixes! Thx!


Did you already check the steam microphone settings ?
Insurgency Sandstorm uses the Voice over IP function of Steam and therefore you have to configure the microphone AND sensibility settings of steam.

  1. Open your Steam friends list
  2. In your friends list click on that Gearwheel symbol ( settings ) on the top right ( below the X )
  3. A new window will open and now choose speech on the left side ( bottom of the list )
  4. Now you will see some microphone settings on the right side of the window where you can exactly choose which microphone channel you want to use and you also have the sensibility settings.

Hope this helps you !


I have tried this as well and it is still not working... it works with other games..