So I played a few rounds one night, had a really good run, basically got 7-8 kills for three rounds running with no deaths. Thought this would impact my average K:D ratio positively - it did not. My average ratio was about 5.2 before the run and it didn't change at all. Fine, I thought - it must register ratios by deaths.
Then I decided to test this by quitting 3-4 rounds consecutively before the end of the match. Quit 3-4 rounds in a row before the match ended and my average K:D ratio dropped from ~5.2 to ~4.6.
...So in other words, it DOESN'T count any points you scored when you win a match with no deaths, but it DOES count your deaths and COMPLETELY DISMISSES ANY KILLS when a player quits out of a match early.
I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this is absolutely retarded, you've basically discouraged any player from joining an Insurgency:Sandstorm server as there is now a tangible penalty for not committing fully to the entire round. This is not how you encourage new players into your servers.
Fix this dumb bullshit any give me back my points, please.
Brent Rambo