Hit Reg ?


Please correct me if I'm wrong but I still feel there are some hit reg problems.
Not every time I battle someone, but every once in a while the first and sometimes also the second bullet does not connect !(short range, long range you name it)
I'm no Shroud with 10/10 accuracy, but the red dot sight is on my target that's why all the salt 🙂
Could you please tell us if you are still working to improve hit reg ? I feel this should be top priority since we're talking about an FPS.

Thank you

i think this thread could be very helpful if there's a video footage

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hit reg has been broken since the beta, so there is no need for videos at this point

I haven't experience hit reg problems that often to be honest, and i have 1200 hrs on the game; maybe post a video so we can all understand what you mean?

Ehem.....cough cough 🙂 things have gotten worse with this new update. (1.5 patch 3)


You either respawn with impotent bullets or after you play and kill some guys for a minute or two some stuttering occurs and then your weapon if made out of cheese 🙂

Come on NWI its only been 1 year since you launched the game :))) I still belive in you. Right around 3-4 years this game will be the bomb !!!

(sorry for the stupid sarcasm, I know it doesn't help anybody but I'm...kinda loosing my patience here) 😞

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