Dark clothing right?

Soooo Ambush? I haven’t been on here in a while and haven’t played the game in a while just wondering is Ambush still happening? And is it going to be permanent? Asking because if not I do not plan on returning so no biggie juuust wondering!!!

Do it! Just do it! VIP LIVES MATTER!

Ambush is still planned for 2020 and will presumably be a permanent mode.

@Demotic Well hopefully soon. A no respawn game mode is needed desperately and I will pray to Allah they don’t ruin it by giving the dead the ability to communicate with the living or other soft features... it’s bad enough they will introduce soft shit like damage reflection and what not but hey who knows maybe ahh fuck never mind I should just go back to the real Insurgency! Would be cool though if they made Insurgency on a new engine lol... Just MO