Scope Reticle Jitter

Noticed this for a while now. Holographic, Kobra, Red Dot, etc. All the scopes with a reticle. I can't unsee it.

Also, on the topic of reticles, it would be cool if Motion Blur didn't blur the reticle too. Technically, the reticle would appear stationary relative to the eye while it's aiming. If you were looking through your scope IRL and panned from far right to left, the reticle itself would not be blurred by motion. Otherwise, motion blur is pretty cool in this game. I don't use it often, due to potato computer and the blurry reticle. This is secondary, but also something I cannot unsee.

always turn off motion blur

I agree. I also see reticle jitter but my motion blur is turned off. Wondering if anyone else notices this small issue