i Have Been Banned without reason PLEASE HELP

I have been banned without reason in the hardcore mode.
I was playing and there was 3 guys, i accidentally kill one of them and i say it was an error. and he and other one of them just killme without reason. WHEN I SAY IT WAS AN ERROR. THEN THE VOTE KICK ME FOR SPAMING AND ABUSE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. THIS ARE THEY NAMES [♠]Hippye [♠] Th1rteeN and [.:VT.NC:.] Luciano Fermoselli

Please check that game and make justice

If you were vote kicked out of a game, that does not mean you were banned. It simply means you were booted out of the current match and allows you to still find other matches. If you were actually banned by EAC, then contact their support. Additionally, posting names of other users (aka: Naming & Shaming) on the forums is against the rules. Thread closed.