Is there any mod can unshow HUD in the game?

Hi everyone,
I am a new mudrunner player and for so long I have been looking for a way to make GMV using mudrunner. The biggest problem I currently face is the inability to turn off the HUD while I'm driving. I know how to turn off the HUD in the screenshot, but what I want is a mod that can turn off the HUD while driving. Does it really exist?

@Yukikaze Not that I know. It would have to be a change to the game itself.

Ok, thanks.
It seems that the only workable solution is to use editing software to crop around the screen during video editing.

i have tried this a few times, problem is if you can not see the hud, you can not used the advanced menu. they go hand in hand. all the hud can be removed by deleting the files for it, but i highly advise against it.

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