Can't buy The Surge Augmented Edition

I can't find a way to speak to/ message someone that works for Sony so I figured here is my best shot.

I got the Surge on PS Plus a while back, then thought about buying the dlc. I went to buy the Augmented Edition which includes all dlc for €12,79 or thereabouts on the store. However when I go to the store page it says that it is unavailable as I already own two dlcs; things I don't remember buying or that were automatically included in the PS Plus version. This means that because I can't buy the Augmented Edition I have to get the 3 paid dlcs separately which leaves me worse off, is there a way around this?

Hey, I've got the same problem and haven't found a solution yet. I have even had my brother, who I gameshare with, buy the augmented version. Downloading the game through his account has not given me access to the DLCs on my account. On his account the DLCs are installed, when I switch to my account I still have to buy them. Have you found a solution yet?