I got this game for my wife as a present on Nintendo Switch and I’m actually quite shocked how bad this port is. It’s absolutely ruined the gift to her and because it was a digital purchase we cannot refund it. I’m really surprised you released it in this state to be honest. I already have the latest 0.4 version. I’ve even tried it on my internal memory as well as on the SD card. Please provide an update to improve this!

The game starts off ok but the FPS really starts to dip quite badly when you get into the city. Once you get to the hospital it absolutely tanks. It’s actually crashed on me twice so far too and lost my place in the game. The resolution is just about ok but everything looks washed out too but at the very least fix the frame rate, it’s awful. My wife said she can’t play it like this as it just runs so badly. It’s horrible. We’ve tried in dock and handheld and it’s just a bad, bad port. It’s a shame as I was quite enjoying the game up to this point.

Please provide an update to this. I know the Switch is an under powered console but there are many games I have that run much, much better than this. This is poor and lazy porting, at best.