Hello there,
I myself am a big fan of weapon loadouts...
It would be awesome if you could rename the loadouts and moving them below/above others... It would be a huge improvement to me and to all fans who likes to make more loadouts than 2.
It's sometimes just really frustrating if you do have sorted the loadouts by the weapons but want to change something on the loadout after saving it... If you have like 10 loadouts the newest loadout will be available right at the bottom at the loadout menu... And you won't be able to move it etc. In fact it does look a bit ugly as well if you have like:

M16A4 Long Distance
M16A4 Middle Distance
SVD Long Distance
M16A4 Short Distance

I hope you kinda get what I mean by that... And I would also appreciate a save loadout function that will allow you to save the loadout afterwards if you want to change something because of an update etc.