First I would like to say that. This was my last resort. Because I'm a dedicated player with a lot of feedback that I would like to be heard. I trust the developers in this game. They listen to the fans. And as a community it feels good knowing that I and others have a voice and a say in what should happen next. Which is a big reason why I'm SO motivated to get my feedback out somewhere I can be heard. I originally tried every avenue to post this as a review on the Steam store but it just won't post anything for me. Not a sentence at all. And I don't get why. So pardon the book I wrote but I'm desperate to get all of what I have to say out there in one go before the next major update.

    While I love this game dearly. I have some distaste for the gameplay. I thought the latest updates would address at least most of the previous issues I've had with the game, given the time the game has been on the market but no. I've not yet to see fixes to some of these ongoing issues.

     I guess I'll start my rant with Domination first which happens to be my favorite game mode despite that it makes me rage often. I'll start with the spawns. The spawns are almost as bad as they were in TDM. Sometimes you spawn near friendlies, sometimes near enemies. It is so unbelievably annoying and frustrating being spawn killed. And it can happen over and over again. This issue is on all Dom maps however Hillside and Crossing are the most bearable. but I'm not a big fan of bearable. I strongly believe all Dom maps need map bounderies reworked and expanded and spawns point variety with more distance from each other and no spawns that put the player in the open without cover. Small maps for 28 players is a terrible idea. it was the same concept used in TDM and I'm stunned they brought in Domination with addressing that issue thoroughly. As far as the maps Hillside and Ministry go they have spawn killing issues but get more severe when teams are mixed on both sides of the maps. On a side note I have 1 major issue with Ministry. The 2 level stairs on either side of the lobby that lead up to A is a campers wet dream. literally EVERY round I play on this map there are at least 3 or 4 people camping those stairs and the balcony! PLEASE remove that feature entirely from the map. But leave the lower entry ways beneath the balcony still there. Back to spawn killing, Farmhouse is NOTORIOUSLY the WORST map for this issue and I start every round on that map already salty because I already know what the match will entail and I hate it before it happens. That's my take on the maps.   And now onto the weapons in Dom. FOR GOD'S SAKE REMOVE SHOTGUN'S AND LMG'S from Domination. They suck the fun away from this game mode and are totally unnecessary. I get so salty when I'm being sprayed with LMG's from the hip like their shotguns. And when they clear a room BY SHOOTING THE ENTIRE WALL from the other side. The hail of bullets that rip through the walls is just as deadly as fragging a room I'm not even exaggerating. Since there is to much recoil to use at a decent range and the aim time is slower it very much encourages those weapon users. To camp: corners of rooms, entire hallways and roads, well enclosed parts of points and positions that can give them a lot of the map to see like a second story window. And onto shotguns. I hate, hate, HATE SHOTGUNS. It doesn't take much practice for a frequent user to get very skilled at getting kills from mid to close range without EVER ads. And they are seemingly always 1 shot 1 kill. That doesn't even apply to any other weapon besides SNIPERS! And speaking of snipers. The shotgun's might as well have strong scopes because the range and power they have is utterly RIDICULOUS! You can snipe with a TOZ from 100+ ft away and be deadly. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Please I beg you developer's, and I know for a fact I'm not alone on this when I mention this PLEASE REMOVE SHOTGUNS FROM DOMINATION. They were a big issue in TDM and still are in Dom. On a side note and this one is more general for the whole game. Lessen the power and penetration of the MP7 I swear it's an AKM in a SMG that aspect is very irritating and is a gun I see being over used for that very reason. 

    Finally as far as weapons go I must address the melee system with knives and kuhkri's. It still sucks. I find it EASIER to get melee kills with grenades and pistols than with the weapons put in the game to perform that very role. The reach needs to be extended at least twice as much as it is now. I have to get so close to an enemy I could smell them, to be able to kill them. and the hit boxes for melee need to be bigger and more responsive to a close stab or slice. As it is right now. If my knife strike isn't as close as can be and directly on an enemies back or head area. IT WILL NOT REGISTER. For example on Ministry I snuck up right behind a camper as close as I could, on the front, right corner of the lobby stairs sitting there with a MK14 I was trying to get him on his neck. I swung my blade at him only for it to NOT kill him. he then turned around and fired full auto into my face. And also I believe all melee kills should be 1 hit kills regardless of how the enemy is facing you. If anyone should get close enough for melee. I can guarantee that they'll be dead before they can get a second hit in. I can speak on this first hand it's happened many times for me and as part of the smaller player base that actually tries to get melee kills. I don't want it to be anymore difficult than it already is. That's my take on weapons and combat aspects so far. 

    My next input for improvement is on the game modes Push and Firefight. As far as Firefight goes its okay but it can be better. I would want to see another another objective added to each map. And 5 more minutes of game time in matches. And for the game mode Push. There should be a couple more waves given to the attackers at the start of the match and after capturing points as well. It's difficult to push on well entrenched teams and even harder when the teams are experienced and are well versed in the game mode. I think like 1 or 2 more waves will a positive addition to the attackers. And here's another issue that I have a major problem with. I hate when my team gets on the point and the capture GETS BLOCKED BY 1 OR 2 PEOPLE. And hunting those people down inside the point is a complete headache. Because they will CAMP inside the point and make it as hard as possible to find them and if you do they are pretty much guaranteed to kill 1 or 2 attackers before they die. And by then a whole new wave of their teammates will spawn in and screw over the attackers who were inches away from taking the point. Or they will kill enough people to reclaim or clear the point. I want to see that changed. If their is 1:3 majority the attackers should get the point regardless who's still in it. If it's 2:5 the same should happen, if it's 3:6 the same should happen but I'd want that to stop at a 4:7 ratio just to make it more fair for the defenders. I and others would be WAYYY more encouraged to play this game mode A LOT more often. 

    As a dedicated player from Insurgency and onto Insurgency: Sandstorm I have a lot of love for this game series and I will always come around play the games. however my critical feedback above would be and has been a motivating factor previously to rage uninstall this game multiple times. Nothing makes a player question the game they are playing is worth enduring than an entire spoonfuls of salt from frustrating game play experience. 

    To which ever developers see this I hope what I said is taking into account and taken seriously. I've discussed all of the above with other players who play the game. And they as well have agreed with me so on behalf of me and other players please make these changes to the game. I hope you have an awesome day :)