NWI - Bring Forward More Old Maps


Hillside and Ministry are a hit! They were known commodities from Ins2014, you improved them, and they are super fun to play in the new engine.

Now, what about District, Station, Revolt, Buhriz, Panj, Contact/Siege, heck, even Peak could be made to be more fun in this game. Any plans to implement these? Are you going to support co-creating them with the community modders?

What do you all think? Which of the original maps would you want to play, and what improvements can be made to the originals?

Who knows what the future holds!

But seriously, some 2014 maps would definitely be neat to see. I liked Heights a lot.

My most liked ones were Tell, Buhriz and Heights. If we're going to see more classic maps make a comeback I'd also like to see all of the snow maps, Revolt, Embassy and Market.

There are even better maps like Almaden and Baghdad which were left out of Insurgency 2014 from the source mod insurgency modern combat, and we've not heard or seen a thing about them being brought forward. I gotta say the revitalised sandstorm versions of old maps are not fun to play, they are rather shit imo but to each their own hey.