NWI please let us wear black/dark clothing.

I know it would be the go to thing to just wear all black but to be honest this is just how it is better, its more immersive seeing the insurgents wear stuff that they would actually wear. Well, instead of that red tracksuit that just looks stupid, please add similar outfit options like insurgency source.

You guys can't even say we don't want people to wear all black, there is lireraly a black mask that can hide your head if its the only thing you show, so at least add a black option for the other headgear, it won't even make a difference to the balaclava.
And just mentioning there is a black tracksuit and like 60% of the players are wearing it, this is stupid!

If you guys want to go for realism than don't take away a color for camouflage if the securitys have literal camouflage.

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The clothing options, or colours more specifically were so fucking poorly done its disgusting. Why can't we select colours from a colour wheel? Take a base texture and add a colour overlay to it.

If i was an operator i'd totally be going into combat zones looking like a fucking rainbow unicorn like from Fortnite, fuck wearing tactical gear thats black or a camo style that works with the region you're operating in. - sarcasm

black sticks out when you are in the light anyway, I wear grey and sand colored stuff as an insurgent because these match the environment

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