Can we get the patch on GOG?

I recently purchased GreedFall on GOG Galaxy and noticed today that it is running version 1.0. Since version 1.04 came out Oct 31st, over a month and a half ago, how long do you think until I can expect FHI to push the patch to GOG? Or is FHI simply not going to support their game on GOG?


The version of the game available on the GoG store is the 1.04 version. All patches and corrections since the release of the game are available in the version.

The store uses "1.0" as reference to the fact that it's the first released version of the game on the platform.


And when new patches should be delivered?
Normal font size? Bug fixes?

Yor fans are waiting, patiently. But hey - maybe some dates, for change?..

Hello @Paladin
Sorry, but I don't have that kind of information. That's above my position at this current time.

Maybe community managers could give you a better a answer.