1. Great companions with deep backstories.
  2. Intricate dialogues.
    3 Deep and intricate storylines!!!
  3. Armor customization (need even more ways to customize)
  4. Beautiful areas to explore.

Things that need help.

  1. More ways to customize (more upgrades to armor so that you can build a character more to your liking.
  2. More attribute and talent levels up (so that you don't have to grind levels in the arena - boring).
  3. More than one chance to romance someone (if you miss the first cue, a second would be nice).
  4. All factions a little more realistic, i.e., the Natives could have been less "sweet pacifists of nature and more Iriquois v. Mohicans (you know like real Native Americans who routinely burned and tortured one another during their disputes). Science could have been a little less, "bwa-ha-ha" villans by showing the good that some scientists were accomplishing. It was clear to me in the game that we were to hate the scientists even more than we hated the religiious fanatics, and boy, were we supposed to hate the religious fanatics.

BTW, I loved the fact that the "good guy" faction from the mainland were the free enterprise, free trade capitalists, i.e., the Congregation! The irony did not escape me.

In short, this was the best new game I've played since Fallout 4, and I really hope you all continue down this path of deep story, fun companions who have a deep backstory and personality, romance, loot, and customization.

I'd give three cheers for Greedfall, but you can't see me do it. Loved the game.