New patch but romances are still not triggering?

I discovered that romance with Vasco didn't trigger although I did everything right. At first I thought I need to do more main quests in order to start the romance but later I read GreedFall romance guides and you just need to complete all of his personal quests which I did, my relation to him is friendly and our conversation options end after selecting "Tell him that you wish you could sail with him again" option. Then, when I speak to him again i can only pick "Ask him how did he become a Naut", I don't have an option for any romance conversation. I tried to talk to him again recently with a new patch being introduced to the game but it is still not working. Do you plan to fix this issue? I am already quite far in the game and I rather wait for a new patch, is this issue going to be possible for me to fix without losing the progress that I made in the game? I play on PC.

I can tell you Sioras romance triggered at least. This was after the patch.