Whenever a squad/party is formed and the host attempts to join a community server with that party, the rest of the squad is unable to join the same match.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a squad/party and invite at least one player
  2. Wait for players to join the squad/party
  3. Select a community server with enough open slots to accommodate the party
  4. Attempt to join the server

Expected result

All players in the party should be able to join the match and play just like the party host.

What actually happens

Only the host is able to join the match. Other players receive a prompt to join the match, but once accepted they receive a message "You can't join the party. [Cancel]" and are stuck in the loop of join/error.


  • Version affected:
  • Game mode:
    any (using server browser)
  • Party/squad mode:
  • Was this a problem before?