Map Ambiance

The other day, I was thinking about Insurgency's beautiful sound design and the neat things it does to really immerse you into a firefight as well as help you locate the people youre trying to shoot. At this point, I was reminded by my own brain how much good sound design existed in Insurgency Source's urban environments that I think is almost lost in sandstorm (either by just having less urban environments or maybe it was just forgotten.

A scene in particular that always comes to mind when thinking about Insurgency is me in a building in an urban environment with a radio tune playing in the background, im listening for any noise to kind of point me towards someone and the only thing I can really hear is the ambient gunfire and the noise from the radio. To give a few examples of this, take a look at this video I found from Insurgency Source which confirmed the kind of noise I would and could hear, the way the map alone sounds is very immersive and we dont hear any of that anymore in Sandstorm.

Youtube Video

Id like to see this kind of stuff included if and when newer urban areas show up, or maybe added to those urban sections of maps. The way all this stuff sounds is pretty incredible.
(Also the map used in the video is one of the cooler maps and itd be pretty cool to see it again.)

Yeah I'd also love to see Tell make a comeback, alone it was a great map and these ambient sounds made it just better. And if I'm not wrong it was the most popular Push map, so it would probably please a lot of Source veterans.