"Search and Destroy" mode (5x5 with bomb)

Why don't developers add small maps (like CS Assault and Dust) and dont make "search and destroy" mode ? (5x5 with 1 life and bomb)
Playing now I see that one of most popular map is embassy
Would there be a rather unique game where the basic rules are from the mega-popular CSGO but meanwhile having its own chips in the form of tactical movement, the possibility of lying down, lower TTK and so on?
This is the most popular mode in the world, but there is no hardcore full-fledged tactical shooter with such rules.

I think the SandStorm lacks this S&D mode and several really small close quaters cards like De_Dust or Battlefield 3 "Operation Metro"/BF4 "Operation Locker" to attract new players

why developers reinvent a wheel when the most popular modes for tactical FPS have already been invented by other - Search And Destroy and Skirmish

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I'd rather have something inspired by bomb defuse, but not an exact copy.
In Source there was a mode where there were 3 caches and one team had to defend them and one destroy.
If the Sdk will allow making custom game modes there could custom servers with bomb defuse, and also this could allow for maps from Cs and other games.
The best way to do this is to make a community survey and ask which modes from the old game people want to return, and what modes from other games could be implemented.

This is a great Idea!

Instead of a mode where hordes of attackers with knives run towards you or can teleport, I would rather choose a mode that has been very popular for over a decade.

+1 man!

I want this mode for competitive and I think this is all we need to get a popular competitive scene.

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@kotkreskowy460 it's fun when you meet players who actually defend the cache. however, this happens about 1% of the time.