V1.5 update and FREE WEEK!

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This week marks one year since the PC launch of Insurgency: Sandstorm during this time the team at New World Interactive have been busy continuing to build and expand the game.

To celebrate our one year anniversary on Steam, we are excited to give all players an opportunity to experience our immersive team-based, tactical FPS during our 1 year anniversary Free Week which kicks off December 10th until December 17th.

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Since release, we've added free new content through several updates including 3 new maps, 4 new game modes, 10 new weapons, dozens of cosmetics, player reporting, and more.

There's never been a better time to hop into the game. Check out our anniversary trailer below for a recap of the past year and a preview of what's still to come in 2020!

still broken one year later!

still fewer modes than insurgency one year later!

I do enjoy the game but this is just sad

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I've played the original Insurgency quite a bit. It has got old now that I'm not really playing. But I just tried Sandstorm for the free week and can say I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I really like domination it gives players who are new to Sandstorm or Insurgency to relax. I feel it should be a permanent gamemode. But I can see why people are still feeling "meh' about the game. My biggest gripe is there isn't a variety of gamemodes to choose like the original. In all I feel this is a huge step from Insurgency and that I enjoy it much more and will definitely keep it installed for quite awhile. Also the gunplay is much better than the original for sure.

Unfortunately a year after the release and the game still has a lot of instability on AMD graphics cards.
It is impossible to play with AMD cards, even at minimum graphics, while an Nvidia card with half the processing power runs the game reasonably well.
This is bad for business, bad for consumers and can bring gambling to a premature end.


For 8USD it makes it bareable to be TK'd by self entitled Prick that demands you shoot his MG on his truck because he says, Observers are suppose to do shoot the MG in his Truck? Game is a Game the elitist pricks exist in every game, why stress? Sides they were any good FPS players they certainly wouldn't be playing Insurgency SandStorm and bragging about it, lol

The sheer chaos mixed with random brainless,idiots..I love it with all the brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnssssssssss

Updates on the console progress?