PS4_The heavy duty weapon ENDAS RS3 'Titan' has 280 impact

I am not exactly sure why but the ENDAS RS3 'Titan' I picked up in the begining of the game has 280 impact even if it is listed in the wiki as having 28, the result is that it takes only one regular hit to either knock down the enemy or send him flying depending on the direction I hit him from, so I only need to land one attack to guarantee a kill.
I did not think this kind of bug could happen when playing on PS4 and I found no mention of this particular bug anywhere so I would like to know if there is someone with a similar situation.

I have this same experience. The impact for this weapon is listed as 282, which is 10 time the amount of the closest weapon. Is this a bug? I'd like to know, but I definitely made my build around the fact that I seemed to have an astronomical impact level, so I hope they don't take it away in a patch