New Gun Idea

I'd love to see the AUG A3 maybe even the A1 as well would be nice to have more bullpups in the game especially with the classic "Waffle mags".

Agreed. The AUG is one of the western service rifles we don't currently have in the game. The only concern would be that we already have two 5.56mm bullpups.

I'd also like to see an automatic Shotgun for the Breacher classes, something like the Saiga-12 or Vepr-12 with possible drum-magezin upgrade as a 6 or 5 points wapeon.

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I agree, steyr aug or famas would be interesting. But I think what the addition of an automatic pistol (Stechkin, R93 or Glock18 or light smg (mp5k, mac-10, scorpion vz61, micro-uzi)) for sniper class, a double-barreled shotgun (for insurgient side), an semi-automatic shotgun (like SPAS12, benelli M4 and saiga), a desert eagle 50AE with optic sight and a revolver (maybe colt python or anaconda) would bring new mechanics to the gameplay.

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@SandMartin You have good ideas my friend!

HK pistols like P8/USP, P30, SFP9 ...