The Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack is out today!

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The Surge 2 continues to get bigger and better with the release of the Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack today! This brings three brand new gear sets to the game, and is available both standalone and as part of the Season Pass. With the pack out today, new screenshots take you to the heart of the action.


This is the second major release as part of The Surge 2 Season Pass, with a massive story DLC yet to come. Jericho’s Legacy includes the BEAST Tank Buster for pushing back enemies, the Kyoko Hacker Suit, giving extra range to horizontal attacks, and the Jericho Firetails Mascot, which encourages a block-and-attack playstyle.


Further down the line, a whole-new storyline, complete with new enemies and new bosses, all aboard an enigmatic repurposed aircraft carrier in the Kraken expansion are coming in January. Season Pass owners will get access to Kraken 48 hours early.

The Surge 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack is available today for free as part of the Season Pass or standalone. The Kraken expansion is coming in January.

I didn't like it that much, it's not bad but not super great neither.

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The Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack gives access to 3 new armor sets: the brutal anti-tank BEAST, the agile Kyoko hacker and the official Jericho Firetails Mascot UPSers

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