Some bugs since 1.5 patch

Having major problems with players & bots "hopping" around instead of running then constantly falling through the map. This was happening randomly before the patch but seems to be much worse now. Video: I found this black line in objective "E" on Hillside. At first I thought some sort of tripwire was set lol. There are also some collision bugs in the upstairs of the objective "E" & "F" buildings. Walk around these hugging the walls & you'll find them. You seem to get stuck & start studdering. Getting horrible performance on Summit at objective "C" & at the top of the mountain. Hate the reduced sprint speed. It feels like running in mud & makes it frustrating trying to run to the objectives. I tried the fast movement mutator on my server but the walk speed was so fast it was causing problems getting through doorways. It would be nice to have a "fast sprint" mutator that ONLY effected the sprint speed (maybe make it adjustable through the game.ini). Once modding tools get released I'll be able to make my own. I've been working with Unreal engine for about 15 years & am looking forward to doing some work with this game. Thank you!

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Some other things. The maps need more spawn point actors. People are spawning on top of other peoples head & getting stuck in the ceiling. This happened after capturing "A" on Farmhouse & those 2 bots were stuck there for the whole match.