Perfomance of the 1.5 update

The performance of the latest Insurgency update is even a bit ironic. Since I get more GPU usage out of being in the menu than actually playing in-game. I wonder if the devs even know that the issue is not an graphical optimalisation issue, but rather the GPU not allocated the recourses it should have.

It's a little bit sad to think that all the work that has gone into making the assets and effects recourse-saving get destroyed by bad recourse programming.. It has become unplayable for me at least (with frames dropping from 70 to 25 no matter of ultra or low settings) and I currently can't see this game taking off on a competitive level because of the bad performance.

I love this game, but devs, please fix this issue!


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Do devs usually read the forums by the way, does anyone know?

yeah, they do read it.

100 % supporting this one !

+1 to this one
Menus fry my GPU more than the game.
I don't personally have need for a highly detailed menu background that is rendered in real-time!

Wasn't exactly my point, I would much rather have the game use 100% of my GPU and have a good performance. I don't really mind the menu using this much.

@TheOtherUs Ah I see. +1 to that as well