Thoughts on domination.

Domination definitely feels like a mode that can be really fun and enjoyable, But a few issues are what's causing it to be a "Frustrating" Experience in general.

For starters, The Gamemode is basically TDM with Objectives, Which works pretty well in sandstorm because of the unique gunplay and such. But the spawns are very bad right now, People sometimes tend to spawn right behind a person they just got killed by or they spawn right next to an enemy. Which is really frustrating when a person goes on a 4 man kills streak and just gets killed by another person who spawned in behind him.

The maps don't have any meeting points. It's all random encounters in lanes and objectives. CSGO does a pretty good job at doing this, you generally have an idea where the enemy is most likely going to be. But in this game since the spawns are pretty difficult to deal with, it's all random.

This was all i had to say about 1.5's Domination game mode, Hopefully the devs read this and make changes.

The Domination idea is not bad but I hate the respawn too fast too!

If you return to the game too fast you dont care too much about been killed and thats really dont fit in this games.

The respawn really needs improvements otherwise this mode will die soon.