Performance after today pach 1.5!

After the game update today I play some coop and versus.

I had a bad performance experience in coop on Ministry and Outskirts. The fps were about half the usual. I think there's some kind of bug. This problem only seems to occur in coop mode.

In versus, the performance was very good but with some stuttering or frame drop sometimes.

I also played Local mode in Refinery the performance was very good too.

My Dxdiag just in case.


P.S. I didn't like the Domination. The respawn wait is too short and this way nobody cares about to die.

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I play some Frontlines today and the problem I related about coop dont happen in multiplayer versus mode.

The medium fps and peak fps is becoming sweet. I just cant say the game is perfect in versus mode because some random stutterings, but that seem related to the game managing resources, like streaming textures etc.

1080p, max graphics settings, 130 fps, no stuttering

Very smooth here but I get a bit of lag when a lot of players/bots respawn at once.

I am getting huge lag, falling through walls its that bad