Could we have the top rail cover back for the M16A4?

We lost it between the beta and now, but it doesn't seem like there's any reason for it to not be on the gun. Nothing gets mounted there, and it looks SO much better with the top cover.

alt text

There is a rail cover there. It's the standard SOPMOD rail cover that's typically used on M-16A4s. Since it was originally sized for the M-4 it doesn't cover the full length of the rail, leaving part of it exposed. This is the most common configuration for the M-16A4 in US service.

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Do you mean in the image? Because that's what I'm referencing. The image I posted is what it USED to look like, but now there's no top rail cover at all.

Huh, I totally didn't notice that, but you're right it's gone in the game now. I wonder if that's recent or I'm just unobservant.


Haha, I feel like it's been gone forever. I just really want it back because I think it looks much better.

If only the devs would pull their finger out and give us the fucking sdk already..... such a simple change to reintroduce the railcover, such a simple mutator.....

I think we will see the death of Fortnite and another two generations of pokemon games before we ever hear about the mythical source development kit...


I’m happy to announce that our first wave of mod tools has entered a closed-alpha state with this update.

It's certainly not full mod tools, but it is progress.

Restore our m16a4 to its former glory!