Found Discrepancies of Guns in CTE 1.5

During CTE I found several discrepancies about guns like incorrect gun models, technical specs, etc, complete with Imgur album link & citations as evidences.

List of found discrepancies:

  • Both VHS-2 & its UBGL called VHS-BG has some discrepancies, such as the muzzle velocity is incorrectly stated to be in 850 m/s while its real life muzzle velocity in 910±30 m/s (The in-game VHS-2 is modeled on D2 variant which has full-length barrel), plus the ambidextrous safeties on VHS-2 are lacking any marking to indicate which fire mode is selected (The screenshot has the rifle set in full-auto) & rear sight of VHS-BG doesn't have any range finder marking akin to HK AG36 UBGL for G36K.
  • The in-game QBZ-03 which is based on the export version chambered 5.56x45mm has incorrect muzzle velocity for a full-sized assault rifle in 850 m/s, while its real muzzle velocity is in 920 m/s. Also, it incorrectly has (S)afe-(F)ire-(B)urst fire selector by having full-auto is incorrectly set to (F)ire for semi-auto while the semi-auto is incorrectly set to (B)urst, despite the said gun only has full-auto capability.
  • G36K is incorrectly stated to have 3-round burst on the loadout menu, despite it only has 2-round burst.
  • The roll mark on L85A2 receiver stated that it’s L85A1, despite it clearly has redesigned charging handle to improve ejection & avoid stoppages found in L85A1.[1]
  • The Alpha AK (Umbrella term of modified AK used by Russian Alpha Group) has the magazine modeled in 5.45x39mm, despite the markings on the receiver & technical specifications on loadout menu state that it’s based on AK-104 carbine which is chambered in 7.62x39mm. In real life, some Alpha Group operators have their Alpha AK chambered in 7.62x39mm based on their preference.[2][3]
  • AKM buttstock incorrectly has lightening cuts akin to AK-74, despite lightening cuts were first implemented on AK-74 to reduce weight & it was adopted in 1974 as Soviet standard-issue infantry rifle to replace AKM.[4][5][6]
  • Both L106A1 (British Army designation of P226R) & PF940 (Glock 17 built from the said frame by Polymer80) have absurdly high muzzle velocity in 450 m/s, which outclass Insurgents’ M9 which has muzzle velocity in mere 381 m/s. In real life, both of those 9mm handguns have muzzle velocity in 351 & 375 m/s respectively.[7][8][9][10]
  • The M1911 which is based on M1911A1 has rather long trigger akin to original M1911, despite the in-game M1911 has features found on M1911A1 like relief cut on the frame, curved mainspring housing & long grip safety spur.
  • Most of the handguns (Except Makarov & 1911s) have a round at the top of the magazine after firing all of the rounds which are mostly noticeable in M9 & L106A1. Tariq in particular has the character discarding loaded magazine on the first-person speed reload animation no matter if there’s any remaining round in the magazine.
  • The right side of the receiver of G3A3 has its fire selector markings flipped & also lacks safety to indicate selected fire mode (Not necessarily fire selector switch).
  • The in-game default Uzi magazine is modeled on 32-round magazine & underloaded in 25 rounds, while the 32-round extended magazine will turn it into 40-round magazine (Note the distance between magazine catch stops & magazine base) & the drum magazine which is closely based on C&S Metall-Werkes Mk 2 Drum Magazine for Uzi in 72 rounds capacity is also underloaded in 50 rounds.
  • The smoke grenade is incorrectly referred as M83 grenade, despite its markings stated that it's M18 smoke grenade.

Imgur Link


  3. - AK-100.html

I hope that those found issues can be addressed ASAP for delivering maximum immersion in Sandstorm. As always, stay frosty. 👊

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Really good list. I hope the devs pay attention to this.