MISSION IDEA: Build it all

So after some good hours in this game i'v noticed the .. excitement kind of drops to be honest. I'm not the typical car/vehicle mud offroad geek, but i like the idea and i really enjoy doing the right techniques and such to get the job done ingame. But the constant task to go making logs is getting really washed out.

I had an idea.

Give us a map with NO pre defined roads. NONE, just forest, mountains, rivers, swamps. On these maps there will be delivery points, deep in the map. Maybe 3 points. just like the log station.

But the player must make the route themself, and build it. Build the best route, change it along the way. There is endless of creativeness to get from this idea.

Make it possible to chop down trees, so we can build through forest. Maybe blow up rocks / mountain to scale.

We could also at later stage make gravel out of rocks to keep building the ultimate transport road, if we wanted.

I see this as a fantastic multiplayer scenario, building the ultimate road network in the wast nature of Mudrunner, forming it together to match bigger trucks and such.

It's a great sandbox, but so far this sandbox is very limited to the creative side of things, when there are small steps to make it possible. People want to be creative and feel achivement.

Mate, i think u had too much of death stranding 🤣

This is truck simulator not cities skylines, ur main enjoyment should come from ovrrcoming challenges that those mud, river and swamp areas present. not to build highway and drive semis on it like its nascar....

I like chopping down trees for delivery, maybe new type of of log gathering like scavenge points and log kiosks

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@muew Not a bad idea, but keep in mind nothing like this will get implemented as MR is dead from a development perspective and SR is where the focus is. At most expect another DLC with a map and a truck or two.