First thoughts on starting the game

Just got the game on steam, started playing.

I'll probably edit this post later with more thoughts as I go.

First up, camera feels... slippery. Can't describe it any better than that. It doesn't feel good to turn and look around. It's not a huge deal, but it's such a basic thing that you do all the time that it's ever-present and just detracts from the enjoyment of the game. Turning the camera sensitivity down helped a little, but rather than a matter of speed, it feels more like... the camera doesn't stop turning when you let go of the button.

Second: Tutorial stuff.
Items used in the combat tutorial stay used. That's annoying.
Also, the 'you have been hurt, select a healing potion' tutorial wouldn't go away, and there didn't seem to be any way to remove it (trying to drink a potion didn't work, so the game wouldn't unpause) so I had to restart the game. That's a bug, and a really intrusive and annoying tutorial system on top of it.
There should always be an option to say 'okay, I understand, but i don't want to drink the potion, so i'll just make the tutorial message go away and unpause the game instead'

Oh, and in the second stage of the combat tutorial (where it teaches you about traps and the pistol) the Master at arms says you'll be facing one person (Oliver, i think?) but the actual fight is against two, which is kinda odd. Not sure if it's intentional or not.
It made the trap tutorial tricky anyway because they didn't give me a lot of breathing room to actually plant the thing.

Third: I just got into what I assume was a random encounter with bandits(?) in the starting area and I have no idea what that was about.
What I gather from the plot so far I'm some sort of noblewoman important to this town, cruising around with my bodyguard, looking for my dumbass cousin who got himself drunk and lost on the big day.
I walk around a corner and some dudes with swords and facemasks jump me. We fight for our lives and kill three people.
Then... nothing? No comment from either myself or my Master-at-arms? No reaction to having to fight for your life in the streets? No explanation as to who these people are or why they tried to kill a noble-lady in her own town?
Not even a handwave about the plague making people desperate and stupid enough to try to jump anyone who looks wealthy?
Hell, the enemies didn't even yell something generic like 'give me your money' to indicate why they were even attacking us.
We just cut three men down in the street and don't even acknowledge it, as their corpses litter the floor?

Fourth. your quest-log only keeps track of objectives, not quest summary or any kind of details.

Some dude just gave me a quest to find some heretics. The quest-log says 'find the smuggler' but there doesn't seem to be any UI element that'll give me a recap on why i'm looking for him, who he is, who assigned this sidequest, how he's associated with the heretics, or where he's supposed to be located.
Just one line of text and a map-marker.
That... it's usable, but it's not really very good UI design. Every quest should have a small summary, telling you what you're doing at minimum.
A really high-quality quest list has text that appears for every stage of the quest.
"We went to X and tried Y, but the harbourmaster told us Z, so now we have to [insert next stage of quest] "

TLDR: Some quality of life stuff in the tutorial, and some storytelling issues.
That aside, the game is still fun, and i'm looking forward to playing more, but there's a lack of polish here that still shows.

Edit: Also, why does a nobleman/noblewoman start with a rusty knife/sword as her main weapon? She's not a pauper. Her pistol is described as 'regulation pistol' so a 'regulation shortsword' or a 'regulation stilleto' would make more sense than 'old rusty stilleto'

Additional thoughts.
I wish there were ways to remove characters from the party.

My character-build is technical, which means I'm a dueling swordsman with a flair for elemental beartraps.
Except I can't duel and I can't lure anyone into a trap, because my goonsquad just wombo-combos every enemy until they die, with little input from me. I can't even parry-bait the enemies because they don't get a chance to attack before they're stunlocked.
Combat is mostly reduced to mashing attack on enemies who are already stunlocked. It's a big mess, tbh.

When you try to remove people from your party, the game says 'Party is incomplete' and it's like... yeah, I know.
I didn't press 'remove from party' twice in a row and then hit confirm by accident. This is entirely deliberate on my part.
So, uh... let me do it.

If you really think there's a significant risk of a player removing their party by accident and getting their arses kicked until they stop playing, then leave the 'your party is incomplete' message in as a warning, but let us press a button to ignore it and continue playing anyway.

Relatedly, some option to tell your companions to play support (standing back and buffing/healing) would be nice. A way to get through those tougher fights without having your npcs just... do the whole battle for you, like they do at if you leave them in their default 'aggressive' mode.