CO-OP Map Improvement Suggestion -

CO-OP is fun and all, but doing the same objectives, in the same spots, with the enemy coming from the same positions can get boring and the maps are a lot bigger than just where the objectives are placed. Thing is, we never go over to these areas in CO-OP, only in PVP.

Solution: Add an alternate spot for each objective on every map and have them spawn in 1 of 2 places randomly which will spice things up a little. Also, add more enemy spawns around the map so it's harder to predict where the AI will come from instead of just watching the same 2 angles on every objective.

Cosmetic Suggestions -

-ACH/MICH helmet for Security Forces

-ECH helmet for Security Forces

-Different Boot Types/Brands for Security Forces

-Bowman/Peltor Headsets for Security Forces

-Leather Jackets for Insurgents

-Bomber Jackets for Insurgents

-Tattered Combat Gloves for Insurgents

-Different types of Plate Carriers and Backpacks for Both Factions

-More Voices for Both Factions (A Mikee voice for Security Forces would be cool)


(Take the following with a grain of salt)

-Instants where players are bobbing around when I join in the middle of a match

-Hit registration is garbage. I've had instants where an AI will run up to me and I'll put 5-6 rounds in them with a pistol or rifle but the last 3 are the only ones that register. (I usually have a ping of 40 - 90)

-Can't see through ACOG when I'm not aiming down sights. Also, can't see PEQ-15 laser sight when I'm leaning to the left because the ACOG covers it.


New World Interactive; I understand that you want to improve your game and draw new players in and old players back in. However, I don't think you're ready for a competitive focus. You need to fix the games issues and build upon what you have going for you right now which is CO-OP. Sorry to say but you missed the Competitive scene by a long shot when the game first came out. You decided to mess with CO-OP more and started doing stupid temporary game modes instead of fixing problems and bugs and keeping competitive alive. Right now, you need to reassess, adapt, and overcome. And that's not something you can do in a matter of weeks.

--- Let me know your thoughts on my suggestions and comments.