I've noticed other people have noted issues regarding the Logitech Momo steering wheel; and my only question for the ones who use it in Spintires:MudRunner is as follows: "How on earth did you get that steering wheel to work?" I've used my steering wheel (Logitech Momo force-feedback racing wheel, 2-pedals) for the original Spintires, and I've found I'm able to use it pretty easily on every other game I play; but somehow, MudRunner says "No Wheel Detected!" and it's driving me insane. Yes, I can just use keyboard controls, but then the throttle and steering response I find is extremely sub-standard (for what I'm used to); thus making vehicles way too difficult to control for me to bother playing the game. Anyone who can tell me how to use my steering wheel, I would greatly appreciate it. (Yes, I am using a desktop.)

Edit 11/30/19: Now suddenly the wheel doesn't work with the original spintires either; when it previously had worked with the original spintires.

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