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We’re honored GreedFall stormed into players’ hearts and minds with its release earlier this year, marking itself as an RPG to be remembered.

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With reviewers praising its “intriguing world” and “inventive” quest design, Spiders Studio have proved their ability to craft a spellbinding game.

Get a taste of the overwhelming response in today’s new Call to Adventure trailer.

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As one reviewer put it, GreedFall is an “RPG fans owe it to themselves to try”.

Teer Fradee is hopefully on its way to the Steam Awards Nominations! If you really enjoyed GreedFall and think the game brought something valuable to this year’s gaming landscape, you can support it on Steam by voting!

Vote for De Sardet and his cousin Constantin as GOTY for the Steam Award Nominations!

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Today’s trailer also marks the start of the Steam Autumn sale, during which RPG fans can pick up GreedFall at 20% off. The sale also brings a wealth of other discounted titles from the Focus Home Interactive catalogue, offering exciting experiences from a wide range of genres. GreedFall will also be discounted on the Xbox One’s store in the coming weeks.

GreedFall is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. More information on the website:

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the graphics surprise me everytime i see these. amazing work bluestacks omegle Canli Mac Izle

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